Nevis Technology not only builds your website, but we provide technological support from setting up your email, setting up the server for your new website, managing DNS records, and everything in between.

Websites have multiple parts. Your domain name (such as, and a web server that holds the images, serves the pages to the user viewing your site, and hosting the database. This page is discussing the second element, the web server, I.E. hosting for your website.

To find out more details on the website features, checkout our article on WordPress and WordPress Packages. We also provide fully custom websites built from the ground up that connect with 3rd party APIs to build Dashboards and other fully custom solutions. Contact us for more details.


  • Set up Server
    Fast servers using the newest technologies like Solid State Drives
  • SSL Now standard!
    Build visitor confidence and add security to your site
  • Website Uptime checks Now standard!
    We monitor your site to ensure it hasn't gone down. This could be an issue of an attack or a problem with the server. We stay on top of your website, take any action necessary, and ensure it's always online.
  • Update Management
    Server and WordPress updates automatically included to stay on top of security fixes
  • Daily Database Backups
    Backups saved for a month by default
  • WordPress Updates
    Updates to plugins and the WordPress core are done reguarly - malware scans are also done weekly to keep your site safe from vulnerabilities
  • Uptime Monitoring
    Sometimes things go wrong. When they do, we are alerted and take immediate action to ensure your site is online.
  • Priority Support
    No waiting in line with an 800 number - you'll have a direct phone number that you can call at any time
  • Priority Scheduling
    For new website feature work orders
  • Simple Invoicing
    Sent 2 weeks in advance of the due date
  • Flexible Invoicing
    Your choice of monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing
  • Discounted Rate for Updates
    For an additional fee - you have the option to prepay for a number of hours (your choice) allotted per month for updates at a discounted rate (expires monthly)
  • Monthly Reports
    Reports include information about your traffic and what we've done to keep your site in tip-top shape.

Case Study (4/18/2016)

Two of our clients were hacked early in the morning of the 18th, and  It turned out to be rather serious, where the main files of were edited to redirect to a spam site.  Google picked up on that and when using the Google Chrome browser, you’d get a warning that the site was not safe.  NRGConceptsInc had similar issues, except the email server was being abused and spam emails were being sent from what looked like NRGConceptsInc.

Within hours, we investigated the issue, patched any vulnerabilities, added extra security procedures, and submitted a request to Google to remove put back in good status.  It took until the next morning before the status was updated.

What would you do if your site was hacked?  Would you know what to do and could you get the issues resolved quickly?  This prompt response and service is one of the many services included when you host with Nevis Technology.