NevTec Hosting is for those who don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to learn about hosting or just prefer an expert to keep the highest standards.
  • Priority support – phone, email, and text support, can also use support ticketing system to keep track of requests
  • We have intimate knowledge of your website and have close relationships with our clients
  • SSL – this new web necessity is included with your hosting subscription
  • Database backups
  • Snapshots
  • Update management (plugins and WordPress core)
  • Malware scans
  • Simple and flexible invoicing
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Free minor updates – 1/2 hour worth of updates free per month (no carry over)
  • Discounted hourly rate for projects, site updates, etc
  • Network of connections if you need video, photography, marketing, etc
Full Circle

After the project is completed, come full circle when we launch your site by hosting with NevTec Hosting.  Here are some of our current hosting clients.

Managed PLUS

NevTec Hosting isn’t your typical managed hosting

NevTec Hosting is a mix between premium/paid plugins (included in your hosting plan) and proprietary software that continuously scans your site for uptime, asset issues (HTTP css, images, scripts, stylesheets – we automatically fix these issues for you!), malware scanning, keeping your site up to date, managing the server for vulnerabilities (fixing and patching where applicable), and more.  All for one flat affordable price.  That’s where the “PLUS” comes in.

Security and optimization for your benefit

Security is very important to us and your site is secured with SSL certificates (now included FREE in your hosting subscription).  We also take preventative measures to keep your site secure from vulnerabilities by running malware scans, reviewing modified files for malicious code, storing a record of what users have done (such as adding a plugin, publishing or updating a page or post, etc), and reviewing access and error logs to look for suspicious hack attempts and blocking IPs when necessary.

Optimization starts on the server side with, using speedy technologies such as Nginx for the web server and HTTP/2 to optimize asset delivery to your website visitors as well as caching expiration rules.  On the website configuration end, we install standard packages to combine local CSS and local JS files to reduce the number of requests needed to load your site, optimize your images to reduce file size without losing the quality of the image, and another layer of caching that reduces the load on the database, thus speeding up the loading of all your pages by eliminating repetitive queries and PHP processing when it’s not necessary.

Service Breakdown


  • Uptime
  • Backup


  • Updates
  • Malware scan
  • Review Defender


  • Visual inspection
  • Verify backups, clean up old
  • Analytics report
  • Updated security keys

Quarterly to every 6 months

  • Change passwords
  • Minimize admin users
  • Delete unused plugins
  • Delete unnecessary files
  • Scan for broken links
    • Fix if possible or report to client if not
  • Optimize database
  • Speed audit
  • Review contact form for optimizations
  • Review and fix any Google webmaster tools issues


  • Review about page, make changes as necessary
  • Review plugins
  • Review site

Getting Up to Speed

When onboarding, there are standards we apply to your website.
  • Optimize DNS (more information coming soon)
  • CDN (more information coming soon)
  • Set up schedules for
    • Daily backups
    • Core and plugin updates
    • Malware and vulnerability scans
    • Uptime monitors
  • Set up optimizations (if not already completed)
    • CSS and JS concatenation
    • Optimize images
    • Caching
  • And your needs beyond this standard configuration

We also can provide external technical expertise for your company, or work as a white label where you can send your client web work to us.  Read more about our services and white labeling.