Harris Funeral Home – Funeral Questionnaire

Our relationship with Harris Funeral Home started when phase 1 of Pet Passages took place back in 2014.

Rick Harris came to us with a business idea that he wants to grow into an affiliate market, much like the structure of Pet Passages.  The idea is to get people to plan their funerals by answering at least one question.  Funerals are an unfortunate event in life, and even more unfortunate is the process of making decisions for your loved one when you may have never discussed the topic.  That’s where Pre-Plan My Funeral comes into play.  Just by answering at least 1 question, it gives your loved ones a head start on what you want at your funeral.

The questionnaire functionality has some cool and unique features, with conditional questions, dynamic replacement, and more.  The system was built from the ground up using some innovative technologies, such as AngularJS and NodeJS.  This is the first production NodeJS application we’ve built, so there was a slight learning curve, but there was nothing we couldn’t figure out.  This “stack”, as developers refer to it, is unique in that JavaScript runs both the front-end and back-end, including the MongoDB database.  This takes the issue of switching syntaxes in the developer thought process, and NodeJS allows for some excellent building structures and techniques that other languages, such as PHP, don’t allow at the same level.

In future phases, this product will develop out with different affiliate levels, advertisements will be incorporated for revenue generation, and so much more.  We’re excited to continue developing this product.

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