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White Label

Who can benefit from our White Label services?

Small businesses that can’t afford a full-time developer, companies that have variable amounts of work or who do not want to go through the hiring process or pay benefits, start ups, and businesses that need a short-term helping hand can also benefit.

Nevis Technology is a small firm, and that has many benefits. Working directly with the developer / owner saves time and with less layers of communication between departments, there’s less chance of technical requests or issues getting lost in translation.

We are great with deadlines and will manage expectations and will provide detailed communication along the way. We can even input data into your time tracking system, along with sending detailed invoices at the end of the month of the work we did, separated by your clients and/or project.

We have experience in providing white label services for many clients. We have defined processes in-house to make our work more efficient and we can tie into your processes and workflows to make your billing and future estimating easier.

Head over to our Partners page to see our clients who currently use our White Label service.