We Provide Custom Software Solutions

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients.  We’d love to hear from you.

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Nevis Technology is a custom software solutions company. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Our latest projects include a Client Center for a financial advisory firm, so their clients can pair their data with their financial plan (like Mint.com + financial advisor), software for a franchise-structured company, and a pre-planning questionnaire.

Whether you’re an agency looking to outsource a project (see our White Label services) or have an idea of your own, we can make your project a reality. Nevis Technology works on projects big and small, using efficient techniques, creating innovative features that are only limited by your imagination. We provide you with support before, during and after any project and truly value building long-lasting relationships that are beneficial for both of us.


Custom web-based apps / software.

Custom software can be as simple as a plugin for your website that was built specifically to meet your needs, like connecting two (or more) systems together. Or, it can be a more sophisticated solution, depending on your needs. You may want to build everything from scratch for many reasons, such as displaying data from many data sources in the format that you want, creating an office dashboard to display goals for employees and visually keep track of your progress, streamlining the way your employees operate in your business, or creating reports based on aggregated data.

We can do it all and we’re excited to learn more about your project ideas and help bring them to life.


Custom website development.

In theory, if you need a website, it’s easy enough to buy a theme and spend a long weekend to get it customized. But there are times when you want a website that is polished, fits your brand, and isn’t limited to the options that a theme allows you to do; that’s where custom web development comes in.

We can create widgets or plugins specific to your project to provide any kind of functionality you need.

No project is out of our scope, we fit your needs.