Getting Started


Thank you for taking a step to find out what Nevis Technology can do for you.  Below is a general outline of the next steps we will navigate as we build your project!  Depending on your project or how we met, some of these sections may not be relevant. To help get you started, you can fill out the New Client Questionnaire. Fill out what’s most relevant to your site.



Initial Meeting (Discover)

During our initial meeting, we will get to know each other’s businesses and the project you’re interested in commissioning.

The primary focus of this meeting is to learn about the requirements of your project by taking the time to listen to your needs and goals.  We will consume your ideas, visions, and examples you may provide us.




Once we have gotten the full scope of work, we will prepare a quote that reviews the project in detail.  After the quote has been approved, we will both sign a contract which defines our relationship and some basic expectations.


New contract coming soon.


Project Kick Off (Plan)

Congratulations, we are on our way of working together.  This meeting is where we discuss very specific goals, design likes and dislikes, any third parties we may have to work with, artwork, navigation flows, layout styles, target audience, and more.  We will also gather from you: any prepared copy, photography, logo versions, etc.

It is important to evaluate all of your ideas and gather as much information as possible.




We take all of the information gathered from our project kick off meeting and put it together into wireframes and designs after doing some industry research and brainstorming of our own.  We will present these later designs to you, getting feedback before the development stage of the website.  Depending on the scope of work, this stage can take a few days to a few weeks.




Using SEO best practices, we will be implementing the design, which up until this point, has been basically a graphic.  During the developing, you will be able to see the finalization section by section.  Any issues you report will be discussed and fixed.  Full testing on browsers and operating systems will be right before launch.  In some cases, the design process will be a hybrid process – developing the design into a workable design proof.  This is beneficial for smaller, more defined projects, cuts out time and reduces the overall cost of the project.  In this hybrid process, we take the ideas and create pages with the design ideas we have.



Details of the development phase and how invoicing works

What works well for us and clients is to break up the project into quarters.

  • The first quarter is due to start and that is the foundational set up and typically about half of the conversion until we run out of time and need another 1/4 deposit. To be complete transparent, the first 1/4 won’t have the most amazing “wow” factor as it’s setting up a lot of the behind-the-scenes foundation. It’s necessary, but the outcome will not visually look like much is complete.
  • The second quarter is where the majority of the site starts to come together and you can really see and “feel” your site, test, play around, etc.
  • Then third quarter is the testing phase, any updates you want from now that you’re seeing the site and figuring out how to manage the site. We can provide documentation if using our theme foundation. This is the part of the project where most time clients want changes (big or small) at this stage. The small updates are included, and anything major that isn’t part of the original scope, is charged per hour. We can provide a quote…a lot of times it’ just a 1/2 hour or hour here and there.
  • The fourth quarter is the launch, setting your domain up, linking it to the new website, optimizing, final testing, etc.




As the site is coming to life, we have found that changes are most likely going to happen, so we may go between the feedback and development phase a few times.  Once the site looks up to your standards, we will progress into full testing of the site.



Full Testing

Newer browsers are auto-updating and follow standards more closely to each other, but older browsers and both computer and tablet/mobile operating systems can also pose some issues that are visible in specific situations.  Testing your site is important; we will test, make changes, and repeat before you make the last review of the site for final sign-off.



Final Sign-Off

This is the point that you’re saying you’re happy with the site and are ready to launch it for the public to see.




No matter if we’re deploying a website update or launching a brand new site and/or domain, it’s always good to do one last run through of the site.



Post Launch

Now that your site is launched, there’s no need to worry about support.  Nevis Technology will be with you after the launch of your site for support as well as any updates you may want to add to your brand new site!



Et Cetera

Nevis Technology has connections that specialize in printing, online and offline marketing, finance, and more.  If interested, we can introduce you to these vendors.



Looking for the Retainer Agreement?

We’ll need to add the details such as your name, company, effective date, etc. However, you can review the general agreement before it becomes official.