North Greece Fire Department Updated

We originally launched the North Greece Fire Department website back in 2016. While the website was still functional, we’ve given it a refreshed look for the new decade.

During this redesign, we created a new logo for the site and slightly tweaked the color scheme. We also incorporated new typography, as part of the updated look.

Local members of the community can rent the fire department’s pavilion for social events directly on the website. In the old version of the site, the pavilion rental page had a lot of content, and it was easy to get lost in it. We’ve updated the layout of the page so it’s easier to navigate and more convenient to find the exact information you need. As we made updates across the site, we put our copywriting skills to use, reworking some of the content to make it easier to read, more informative, and better organized.

We took a similar approach on the Volunteer page, making it easier than ever for community members to see the department’s volunteering requirements before applying. When someone fills out the form, it maps to an official recruitment application form that members of the department print out and use when they meet with new volunteers, which makes their jobs easier.

Additionally, because the fire department often holds community events, we made it easier to create these events in the backend and they’re on the homepage of the website.

The fire department heavily relies on community donations, so it’s important that it’s easy to accept donations directly on their website. Not only can site visitors do just that, but there are several places to do so. We added a prominent Donations button in the header, so it’s at the top of every page. We also added a large call-to-action encouraging donations at the bottom of every page and added a quick link in the footer as well.

Another important aspect of the website is its Members area, which is accessible only to those who have a website login. The Members button doesn’t show on the website unless you’re signed in, ensuring that sensitive information is kept private.

North Greece Fire Department has been and continues to be a NevTec Hosting client as well.

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