Custom Order Management

This project has a ton of functionality.  A small team of employees are able to manage thousands of orders per year with this system and affiliates can be created, with unique pricing, that can create additional sales automatically.

The dashboard has graphs of different types and statuses.  There is a very detailed open order screen that indicates if there are special requests with a particular order…quick updates can be done without leaving the list.  There are many search filters and the whole system, of about 8k orders at the time of this writing, can be searched in milliseconds.

This system is not only designed for the client to use, but also to create affiliates that enter orders to be processed and drop-shipped with the affiliate name.  The orders have a dynamically populating “card” that shows high-level, but important, details regardless of the tab, their own certificate upload, and any number of products and services that are configured at the client level can be added to an order.  Manual write ins are also allowed…all of which flow in to the Accounting tab where incremental payments of a number of sources can be recorded.

There is a detailed reporting system; reports can be printed and included with the order, sent for billing at the affiliate level, or be viewed by the administrator.  There are also more charts where aggregate calculations show as a whole or at the client level for the period of time selected.

This is an amazing example that anything you can dream up can be built – anything that suits your needs and fits in your existing business processes.

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