Network Clarity

FatCat Strategies came to us with a full redesign project for Network Clarity (Clarity Communications). Overall this is a rather simple site.

What’s innovative about is we tried a new technique for creating “widgets” that the admin could use.

Typically with a fully custom website project, each page is built to specifications from the designer.  Out-of-the-box templates that you can purchase allow you to somewhat create a page and customize it at any time and some have widgets you can use.  This project was the combination of the two in that we worked with the designers to create custom styled widgets with a widgetized application from the site administrator.

What this means is in the future, they can reorganize or create brand new pages, reusing these sections (or widgets) to design a page to their liking, without having the extra expense in money or time to have it designed and created by either FatCat or Nevis Technology.

Of course, we can expand onto the functionality of the widgets or create new ones where necessary.

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