Mission Valley Shopping Center


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This was a fun project.  The website is lightweight, but has tons of character and bold design.  On the Shop & Dine page, there is a cool, subtle, animation when filtering and a subtle animation when hovering over a link.

Even though a website score doesn’t necessarily mean much…for example, you can have a 100% score and it takes 7 seconds to load.  Google doesn’t even follow all of their recommendations. For example, even Google Analytics files, Google Fonts, etc, don’t pass speed tests because the resources don’t have cache headers that the score algorithms are looking for.  We typically care about load speed instead of score.  In this case, we tried to see how difficult it would be to get a 100% score, and we did on the Pingdom test tool.  In Google PageSpeed Insights, the scores are much lower, one issue with these “scores” and another example of why they don’t necessarily mean anything, they aren’t standard.

The problem with other projects is there are late requests and other additions that weren’t previously discussed, so it’s harder to incorporate these changes when the website has been thought of and built without it.  Sometimes there are too many people giving feedback and want many one-off updates.  And other times there are too many third-party resources.

If you’re in the Raleigh area, check out Mission Valley’s website and see which one of the stores in their plaza you’d like to visit!  Tip: Their restaurants have excellent food.

Project Details

  • custom admin
  • custom modules
  • design
  • front end
  • wordpress
  • worked with a third partyFatCat Strategies