Financial Symmetry Client Center – Project Update

The Client Center project was originally written about a year and a half ago, and so much has changed since then.

There are major third-party integrations.

The Document Vault connects to the Sharefile API which is a very secure service that Financial Symmetry uses to store client documents.  The financial advisors use these documents to prepare a financial plan and keep track if the client is on the right path for their goals.  Goals which can be managed from your online dashboard and any changes notify your advisor(s).

The Accounts page connects with a service called Yodlee, which used to be the backbone of until Intuit bought Mint and then created their own back end system to authenticate and gather transactions from your institutions.  We use Yodlee to gather transactions from credit cards, banks accounts, and keep track of loans, like your mortgage, and use this to line up to your goals automatically.  The Transaction Summary is what we’ve built, which has a lot of functionality of – for Financial Symmetry’s clients.  You can see your categorized transactions and compare them against your financial plan targets that are set by your advisor.  There are also advanced features like splitting transactions, setting automation rules to always categorize a type of transaction, etc.

There is a Profile page that allows you to only do a few limited things, for now.  You can set a profile picture and change your username.  The picture is useful for advisors to visualize the clients they are managing and provide personalization to your dashboard.

There are many things we continue to work on to build this robust financial application.  We are working on automated emails and a new client set up questionnaire, just to name a few things!  We’ll be providing continuous updates on this project, so stay tuned!

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