Financial Risk Group – Updated Design


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This is an update to the original Financial Risk Group project, where we converted their system to WordPress, creating a theme that represented the current look of their site at the time.

We’ve since worked with them to give their site a much more pleasing and in-style look.  In the view of the administrator maintaining the site, these updates were very minor – as Nevis Technology builds to make maintaining your site as easy as possible.  The front-end, what visitors to your site see, had a major overhaul and is now very visually pleasing.

All of these changes also include mobile capabilities, as that should go without saying these days.

We also created job application management from within WordPress (as well as administrator email notifications) instead of using the third-party service they were using before.  This increases the integration and power of their system.

Project Details

  • custom admin
  • custom modules
  • design
  • front end
  • major custom work
  • wordpress
  • worked with a third partyFatCat Strategies