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Corevist, a client of FatCat Strategies, uses their site mainly for fine-tuned lead generation – they have over 30 forms so it’s easier to track exactly how the lead was acquired.  Originally had their site built on the Enfold theme.  Enfold uses Visual Composer heavily for page creation, and while there can be some benefits, like getting up and working fast with drag and drop ability, there are some major downsides to the theme and Visual Composer as a plugin (that can be used on almost any theme).

Although you can create a page relatively easily with drag and drop, it cannot always be exactly as you imagined.  And although there are some ways to create presets so you can generate a new page faster, there’s no quick way to globally edit something if you want to make a change – say the color of a button that you use throughout the site.  Visual Composer, from a developer perspective, is not that great, because it creates so many elements and classes, the output of the page gets cluttered and isn’t as efficient as figuring out reusable elements and creating partial templates to be rendered on certain parts of the site.   And if you choose to stop using Visual Composer, your content is riddled with shortcodes that you need to manually remove on every single page and post.

Yes, creating something custom does take more work, but there are some major benefits, like more consistency, less repetition, easier to change something globally, assuming certain things – for example, there are whole sections of the Corevist site that have a particular call-to-action banner, so instead of having the admin enter that on each page, we programmed that banner to populate automatically in the template.  Also, because of the efficiency of the code and a little caching, the pages consistently load between 2.5 and 3 seconds, which is pretty quick!

Over the past 2 years we’ve developed a custom theme that we continue to build on.  It allows for us to create both fast deployments as well as an easy interface for people to administer and create any page with any look – similar to the idea of the drag-and-drop type WYSIWYG plugins, just more custom to the site we’re building for.

Project Details

  • custom admin
  • custom modules
  • front end
  • major custom work
  • wordpress
  • worked with a third partyFatCat Strategies