Client Center 2019-11-22

We’ve shown some exciting things with this ongoing project, but there’s so much more behind the scenes that we haven’t shown yet and that’s what we’ll do now!

As a new client (warm), or a potential client (cold), your first impression means everything.  We’ve created a new client questionnaire that allows you to reach out for help at any step, start new, or return and finish what you started.


Super users have a lot more control now with the Custom View Builder.  All of the components/blocks of the site are widgetized, which allows us to put them in any order, on any page, because they are independent.  Super users can now create views for a particular client where they can set widgets and filters and have them look at only something specific.  They can start with a template and make adjustments if needed, or add each widget they’d like separately.


Each widget has its own default size, but it can be adjusted and moved around the canvas for the advisors to create the look they want.


You can choose to start all over and pick widgets from the sidebar (all the widgets) or from the popular widgets section.


The responsive view tester helps us as a company make sure that each widget is easy-to-see across all devices and it helps advisors see what their client will see – which may come in handy if they are providing some over-the-phone direction when talking to their clients.


Super users have many reports to choose from.


As a client, from this custom view (or the regular views), you can link new accounts (like Mint or any other financial aggregator) to get a full picture of your current situation.  And it helps the advisor create a plan that helps you with your future goals.

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