Mission Valley Shopping Center

This was a fun project.  The website is lightweight, but has tons of character and bold design.  On the Shop & Dine page, there is a cool, subtle, animation when filtering and a subtle animation when hovering over a link….
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Crispin Updated

Just as we do with most web development projects now, we’ve enhanced the Crispin website over time, following Growth-Driven Design.  Their initial redesign was nice, but we’ve since had a designers fine eye make adjustments to make it prettier as…
Read more was a redesign of a site we did together originally back in 2010.  Technology has changed quite a bit and what he needed for his website also changed during that time.  We worked closely with Josh to design this…
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Satisfaction Survey Testimonials

Last Updated: 3/21/2018 Working with Nevis Technology has completely changed the way I approach the web for my clients. I’m now able to tell more client’s “yes, we can do that crazy web thing for you” more often. [Nevis Technology’s] ability…
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Financial Symmetry Updated

As part of our Growth Driven Design (GDD), my partnership with FatCat Strategies continuously look at metrics and make adjustments to optimize click-through rates, collecting email addresses, increasing visitor engagements, and more. We’ve subtly changed the site since its first…
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Pet Passages (New)

We’ve been working with Pet Passages for a number of years now.  One of the first large projects we worked on was taking their old system, adding features, and creating a theme that could be administered by their existing system, …
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Linda Berky

Making this website was a new challenge for me. I knew absolutely nothing going into it, but working with TJ was such a pleasure. He made me feel really comfortable with the whole process, so that I never felt intimidated…
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