A New Site Without A New Site

Sometimes you want a new site without the new site price tag.  A lot of clients have come to us this year having an issue with the way they maintain their website, not so much the way it looks on the front end to users visiting the site.  The quick build, no coding plugins can only do so well.  The larger your site, the harder it is to keep things consistent looking because you’re using those tools page by page.

We’ve taken WordPress based and non-WordPress based sites and converted them to an easy to administer dream.  We custom build using well organized code, using newer technologies which makes your site fast and logical in the way the site functions – or if you find yourself searching for files directly on the server (most of our clients leave that work to us!).  We create the new, custom theme to look similar to your current site, but making updates where we would suggest to make updates, with spacing, font size, or color consistency throughout the site.

Have a clients page?  Are you currently copying and pasting HTML code or shortcode sections in the WordPress admin?  We tailor each page to its current needs, so those tricky situations for non-coders are in the past.

Here are some examples of sites we’ve done exactly what we’re describing.  If you’d like to know more information, please contact us.