VetPro Application

NOTE: This position has been filled.  You may still apply and we’ll keep your application on record for future projects.


We are developing software for veterinarian offices that includes some features like:

  • QuickBooks and Stripe payment gateways
  • Case management
  • Dashboard with calendar
  • Email and text notifications using AWS SES and Twilio
  • Audit history
  • Workflows
  • Client portal to view pet records and invoices
  • Price schedules
  • Weight-based pricing for certain products and services
  • User and role management
  • Trial period with a read-only mode after the trial ends and no payment has been made
  • Reports with aggregated and detailed data for given date range
  • Import via CSV where the client can map their CSV fields to the fields in this software’s structure
  • Company-level and user-level settings and options
  • Bulk actions like adding payments to invoices from other locations

You’ll be using Angular and TailwindCSS on the front end, NestJS for the API – which is a Typescript wrapper for NodeJS and is familiar to building with Angular but on the server side, and MongoDB.

We are hiring for 10 week stints with the possibility of additional 10 week stints, at $750/week (paid weekly).

You’ll be responsible for creating NestJS API points, defining Mongoose schemas and DTOs for back and front end data structure definitions.  Using TailwindCSS to create views and Angular and RXJS to pull the view and communication with the back end together.

If these challenges sound like something you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you.  You’ll have help from TJ (the owner) for this fully work-from-home opportunity and you’ll still have plenty of time to work on other projects.  We use Gitlab and will require pushing your code at least once a week.

We will use Asana for task tracking.

Please check if you have experience in...(Required)

Don't spend more than 15 minutes on this task - it's purpose is just to get a general understanding of your programming style.

Assume you have an Angular service called "AdminStatsService". You need to grab data to populate a dropdown (let's say it's the GetChoices method on AdminStatsService). Secondly, you'll want to grab details of the selected choice with a second API call from the GetDetails method on AdminStatsService that takes the string value from the dropdown.

How would you achieve this?