Template Monster Featured Our Hosting WordPress Sites Udemy Course

Today we received a Tweet and email from the Nevis Technology site saying that the Hosting WordPress Sites course has been featured in a lineup on the Template Monster site!  This is exciting and flattering!

Learning how to set up websites via the command line is not difficult.  With some techniques, which you learn in the course, you can become a pro setting up VPSes for yourself and/or your clients.  The course also discusses automation, an extremely powerful way to do things.  You’ll set up automated daily backups and best of all, included in the course, is a script that automates everything you’ve learned in the course, to set up your WordPress sites for you.  Once you’ve learned the techniques and the reasoning behind what you’re doing, why not automate it?  But if things go wrong, you’ll be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

Check out the Hosting WordPress Sites course today!