Scam Alert – Teach More Students

You may or may not know, but Nevis Technology is getting into the education space, taking the years of knowledge, and sometimes unique workflows, bringing it available in video courses and eBooks.  Take a look at Nevis Technology’s first course, Make Recurring Money by Hosting WordPress Sites.

As soon as this page was put up, we received an email from  It sounded reasonable for this service to bring users to your course to sign up, even though you were giving a free coupon code.  This practice is done a lot, as I’ve seen releasing the eBook version of this course on Kindle.  You can run a promotion that allows users to download your eBook for free, and there are hundreds of sites dedicated to free eBooks, whether they are always free or there is a special KDP promotion that allows your book to be free for 5 days.  The idea of this is to get people checking out your eBook (or course in the case of Teach More Students) to get feedback and ratings up.

So, after the Teach More Students promotion had run its course, yes, the Udemy course had 1,000 students, but most of them weren’t real people, and then I immediately found the course on the illegal, download for free, sites, just by doing a Google search for my course name.  We would appreciate that if you are interested in the course you sign up through Udemy to support the creation of future courses, and to be able to ask questions and get updates.

Teach More Students is a scam and its purpose was to get my Udemy course video files to put up on the illegal download sites.  This is what shows up on the website as of today, it looks like it shut down. is a scam

Here is the email we received on 4/25/2015:

Hi there,

I’m contacting you from Teach More Students. We’ve helped 100’s of Udemy instructor’s gain 1000’s of students.

The more students you have enrolled, the higher you will rank in Udemy, which increases your chances to gain paid students.

We’d really love it if you could take 30 seconds to see what you think of Teach More Students, and submit a FREE coupon for us to share:


Thank you for your time.

* FREE Service: As we only share free coupon codes we don’t charge for sharing them to the 1000’s genuine Udemy students we know.

* FREE Coupons: Udemy has 6 million students, by providing free coupons, there are still millions of paying students out there for you.