Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone - All Devices

These days, everyone is accessing websites on a countless number of devices, all with different pixel ratios, resolutions and operating systems.  This is where responsive web design (RWD) shines.  When mobile development first started, the idea was to create a mobile site (sometimes referred to as an ‘m dot’ site) alongside the main website that desktops and laptops would access.  This method posed many problems as more phones and tablets with various screen sizes were introduced into the market – as well as duplicating the work when future additions or edits were required.  With potentially different methods on the creation of the ‘m dot’ and full website, when companies went in search of another web development firm, these site modifications added to the complexity of your overall web strategy and presence.

Responsive web design is the idea of having one website that is a mix of a fluid layout and CSS media queries.  What that basically means is the website forms to the device that is viewing it and you can create different rules for different screen widths and/or pixel densities that allow you to optimize the look of your site on phones, tablets and desktops.  You can show and hide elements, change font sizes or the position of images, text and other elements.  Mobile devices tend to have slower internet speeds, so optimization is especially important – these optimizations also (partially) help with SEO.

Nevis Technology has been developing responsive websites and microsites for years and this feature is included with any project we work on.