Merging Sites Isn’t That Easy

Having a staging environment for your WordPress site is a must these days It’s a great place where you can build a new design, stage blog posts before they are approved and ready to go to the live site, etc.  Something…
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Why is My Full Width Image Cut Off?

We get questions about the look of full-width images on pages frequently, so we thought it made sense to create a resource to show clients if questions come up.  It’s a widely used design technique, but when you take into…
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Anything You Can Imagine

Nevis Technology can build just about anything.  The only limitations are budget and time.  There are plenty of custom WordPress themes we’ve developed from scratch for clients, which you can read about on our WordPress page. However, we can build…
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HomeMade Gin

Jack Hubbard, co-creator of posted that he saw a HomeMade Gin kit in a Sur La Table store in Virginia.  It must be a very cool feeling to see something you’ve worked so hard on being sold all over…
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