Nevis Technology has many years of experience creating fully custom, partially custom, and just quick solution websites (see WordPress packages).  It all depends on what you want and your budget.
WordPress in its basic form is just a CMS framework that has a lot of great built-in functionality, along with many free and fairly priced plugins to get the site of your dreams.  It’s a CMS platform to easily administer the site after the completion of the project.  There are so many ways that a theme and its functionality can be developed, and we can provide a solution custom to your requirements.

To give you an idea on some custom solutions, you can check out our portfolio.  The sites listed below are sites we’ve built with a custom theme and custom admin functionality.  The Crispin Corp portfolio item discusses and shows the back end administration customizations.

If your idea is very unique – where WordPress isn’t the solution for you – and you’d like something built completely custom, or you need us to use MongoDB and NodeJS, we do that too.  An example of a custom MongoDB / NodeJS project is Harris Funeral Home: Pre-Plan My Funeral Questionnaire.