Click to view full images was a redesign of a site we did together originally back in 2010.  Technology has changed quite a bit and what he needed for his website also changed during that time.  We worked closely with Josh to design this site.  He had many examples of fonts, styles, and effects that he wanted.  We found it made the most sense to start with the NevTec skeleton theme (a base theme with an easy ability to extend for a specific project) and add some effects and styles he found interesting.

Josh’s focuses also changed a little and his website now separates his 2 specialties to explain them better – magic and speaking.

He went from no CMS to an easy way to manage his site without having to open HTML and PHP files to make edits.  This reduces accidental errors and makes simple updates easy, like uploading a new picture to a gallery, adding a form, and using standard styles throughout the site.

We also started a Mailchimp account and added a sign up form so he can start collecting email addresses and run email campaigns with his subscriber list.

Josh is also a hosting client of ours.  NevTec Hosting offers standard features for all clients to secure and optimize their website.  When re-released, it now is secured with an SSL certificate.

Project Details