Client Center Revamp


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We learned a lot from the Client Center that had been in use the past few years.  Internally and requests from clients left us with a list of wants and needs.  The original Client Center front end was built on AngularJS and with support for that version of Angular disappearing, we decided to completely start over with Angular 7 – so there was the learning curve of a completely new syntax and method of building – and use a new design, yet still familiar enough to the older system…and build out the features we had on our list.  A lot of the functionality made it in our version 1 release, but it was mainly a rebuild of the current system on a new platform, with even more of a focus on mobile usage.

The launch went extremely smoothly – no critical issues, and only a few subjective updates during launch week.  The clients have rated it extremely well too, being easier to navigate and do what they need to do, which is a huge plus.  We anticipate a few client requests now that this is live and they are using it, along with our list for the next major update, version 1.5 or 2 – depending on how many features are released.

This has been a very rewarding 5 months and we’re so glad that all of the testing and prep work for launch resulted in the best possible outcome!  And everyone is happy – our client, Financial Symmetry, and their clients who use the system.

Project Details

  • Angular
  • back end
  • custom admin
  • custom modules
  • front end
  • fully custom
  • major custom work
  • server administration
  • worked with a third partyFinancial Symmetry